An allergy sufferer, who sought to create natural solutions, which benefit users' and the planet's wellbeing. 

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"Kumo’s design is really honest.
Two materials on display, their beauty and balance"


Tranquillity in a space. I believe your home should be a refuge and your sofa, a place of relaxation and comfort. Catching up with friends and watching movies with loved ones. This is what comes to mind.​​

Collectively, our responsibility is to provide environmentally considered options that can be cherished. Ōragi is a company doing that.


Our holistic approach from inception allows perspective and constraint when designing pieces. The selection of materials and manufacturing decisions are informed by a consideration of yours and the planet’s wellbeing.

I suffer from asthma and have many other allergies. Whilst looking to furnish my first home I was looking for stylish, low off-gassing furniture. I was shocked to find the limited options available and saw a need in the market.


​​The culture of Japan is something I admire and since visiting, I draw parallels with my current and developing lifestyle. Connection with nature, creating balance, harmony and respect for simple pleasures.  

I can be a perfectionist sometimes and am self-critical. The practise of kintsugi and wabi-sabi resonates and grounds my personality to find the beauty and joy in imperfect items.

Kumo’s design is really honest. Two materials on display, their beauty and balance. Thin frame against chunky cushions. Instinctively you feel this is going to be a comfortable experience.

The side table just makes sense. Sit and pause, with a book and freshly brewed coffee. It’s for those times of peace.

Kumo is, for me, a message of all these things. I am incredibly proud, and I hope you love it.



Crafted in the UK 

Handmade in the heart of the UK. Every furniture piece holds our values of quality and craftmanship.

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The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists.

This Japanese proverb encapsulates our want to see sustainable change within the spaces we inhabit.