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Designer Joshua McGrath aims to create mere interruptions in the overall lifecycle of the materials he uses. Creating furniture to be enjoyed for years that expresses calmness and honesty from natural materials that are grown responsibly and sustainably. 

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"Kumo’s design is really honest.
Two materials on display, their beauty and balance"


Tranquillity in a space. I believe your home should be a refuge, a place of relaxation and comfort. 


Collectively our responsibility is to provide environmentally considered options that can be cherished. Ōragi is a company doing that.


We believe in creating thoughtful furniture that with a reduced impact on the planet and a positive impact on your health. 


I have suffered from allergies, in particular asthma, throughout my life, and from my own experience I am aware of the impact a home environment can have on my health. When I was looking into furnishing my house, I consciously sought out low VOC (volatile organic components) and recycled furniture. I was shocked to find the limited options available and saw a need in the market. 

22 million pieces of furniture are discarded in the UK every year. This is the challenge for Ōragi to overcome, by offering natural alternatives which improve people’s wellbeing and impact the world as little as possible. This ignited a pursuit to research and source natural materials to create furniture with a holistic approach to sustainability that is low impact and better for our overall health.  


The country which gives the most nutrition to my curiosity is Japan. Ever since visiting in 2018, I have been mindful to adopt Japanese principles and design aesthetics, such as connecting with nature, creating balance, and respecting simple pleasures.

The furniture collections are an extension of all these factors creating high-quality, environmentally conscious pieces which bring natural elements into your home.



Crafted in the UK 

Handmade in the heart of the UK. Every furniture piece holds our values of quality and craftmanship.

The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists.

This Japanese proverb encapsulates our want to see sustainable change within our homes.

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