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Ōragi LifeCycle

Ōragi operate within the circular economy. Meaning  the lifecycle of our furniture has been considered from inception. 


Designing our furniture 

Combining our background in design and material sciences, we created a sustainable furniture brand with a fully circular mindset. Decisions at all stages in the design process have been considered with the question: How does the furniture we create impact the planet and the people using our furniture? 

Sourcing Materials 

We spent over a year researching and sourcing the best and most comfortable natural materials which align with our sustainable and environmental ethics. 

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Beauty and Benefits of Bamboo

Carbon nuetral, FSC certified, harvested within 3-5 years and grown without the use of pesticides and fertiliser.


Bamboo is a super strong, yet lightweight and highly sustainable alternative to hard woods. Its naturally linear grain makes it environmentally stable and its rich honey tones bring warmth to any interior space.

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Shibui Collection 

Sustainable bamboo furniture crafted from a minimalist approach adopting principles of Shibui with subtle detailing, balanced with simplicity of form.


Cushions: Comfort at their core

Our cushions were developed to be the most comfortable natural cushions on the market.


We generously combine natural materials to give a seating experience which supports you whilst relaxing and springs back; removing the need for constant plumping associated with similar seat cushions.


Our cushions also use no glue to join the layers meaning each material can be individually replaced or recycled. Layers are instead held within a handmade cotton inner cover.


Made to Last 

We manufacture all our furniture in our workshop in Burslem, Stoke on Trent. Combining traditional and modern woodworking techniques we ensure our furniture is made to last. 


Delivery and Bespoke Orders

Every piece of furniture is made to order in our UK workshop. We aim to offer the best delivery times on handmade furniture and will communicate with you throughout, making the process easy for you.


Ōragi offer bespoke options on all our furniture to suit your space. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.