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A thick reactive latex core means no constant plumping associated with similar seat cushion.


No glue is used to join the layers in our cushions. 


Kind to your skin our fabrics use fine marl yarns.


Strong and durable our covers are certified to 200,000 on the Martindale Scale (avg 50,000) a measure a fabrics abrasion/wear resistance.


Each material can be replaced and recycled individually.

kumo cushion layers.png

Natural Fillings

- 100% Natural Latex

- Coconut Coir 

- Lambs Wool and Cotton

= Fine Marl Yarn Covers

Over a year of research and development to source the most comfortable natural fillings for our sofas. 

We generously combine natural materials to give a seating experience that supports you whilst relaxing and springs back; removing the need for constant plumping associated with similar seat cushions.


Our cushions also use no glue to join the layers meaning each material can be individually replaced or recycled. Layers are instead held within a handmade cotton inner cover.

To learn more about our approach to sustainability and the benefits of natural fillings download our sustainability report below:   

bamboo lungs_edited.jpg

Cleaner air for your home

Low VOC emitting furniture for asthma and allergy sufferers. Our covers hold the Indoor Advantage Gold label for Indoor Air quality.


The quality of the air we breathe within our homes can have a direct effect on our overall health. Pollutants off-gassed by new furniture are considered carcinogens and have been shown to worsen allergies and asthma.  

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